"For all of human history, illness has been universal and access to care has not."
- CEO Raj Panjabi

Last Mile Health is an organization that works alongside the government of Liberia to train and deploy community health workers across the country. As their 10th anniversary approached, they needed a way to tell their story, past, present, and future. We came up with a series of headlines to begin each section, along with timelines to visualize the journey people needed to take to get care prior to Last Mile's introduction.
In addition to the printed report, I also designed a digital report that can be found here.
Last Mile Health Annual Report Covers
Prior to my work with Last Mile Health, the organization had a type issue. Fonts in use in the printed space were different from those used in digital materials due to licensing costs. To maintain consistency, I created a new typographic system using fonts available through Google Fonts to save on costs (very important for a non-profit) and simplify how fonts could be distributed throughout the organization.
Last Mile Health Mission Statement
Last Mile Health HIV Initiative Timeline
Last Mile Health Impact Data Graph
Last Mile Health Donors Pages
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