Superior Fresh is an industry leader in aquaponic farming. Based in Hixton, WI, they use responsible, sustainable methods to produce over 4 million pounds of safe, clean, organic salmon and greens each year. The farm facility sits on approximately 10 acres while the remainder of the property (over 700 acres) is devoted to land restoration. Their process is so efficient, that 99.9% of water is recirculated through their state-of-the-art system. I worked with the team at Macleod & Co. to build a marketing plan, website, illustrations, and more, helping them achieve greater distribution and grow their business.
Our research found that while aquaponics as a farming method has no equal for efficiency or quality, customers and grocers simply didn't understand how the method yielded tangible benefits for them like longer shelf-life. We developed a marketing mix of social media, retargeting, and more to help reach their ideal audience, with an emphasis on grocers and distributors.
Another key component of the project was a new website. We worked on developing the site structure and copy to properly tell the Superior Fresh story, succinctly explain what makes their products special, provide an easy way to find the closest store that carries Superior Fresh products, and more. I also developed a set of icons to emphasize the cyclical nature of their process and bring consistency to their brand.
After we established a strong foundation, we also developed a variety of branded content to further their customer education goals. This included illustrations for blog posts, a map of their farm, and more.
I also had the opportunity to work on a rebrand for Superior Fresh. While we didn't end up implementing the new logo and packaging, I had a great time working on it. Thanks to Superior Fresh for being a great client and great company.
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